Hog's Head Golf Club & Hotel

Glenfort Timber Engineering are Tyrone based company who specialise in the design and manufacture of timber and wood products.

The Brief

The brief from Glenfort was fairly straightforward — show their finished work and craftmanship in the context of each building with it's environment, and supplement it with detail shots of the massive wooden beams. The details shots were of special relevance to the engineering company because each massive joint is carefully crafted and assembled to be long-lasting, durable, and timeless. These gorgeous creations are not just functional in nature, they are the centerpieces of each building that they're a part of.

My first port of call, in what was to be a very long day, was the new clubhouse that overlooked a beautifully maintained golf links designed by Robert Trent Jones II. The roof of the main section of the building is held up by the strong oak wood beams and struts from Glenfort.

An off-side angle of the clubhouse with the large glass exterior, revealing the oak wood skeleton within.

Next on the list, and perhaps the most impressive, was the secluded hotel. The main features to be photographed were the entrance complete with mighty wooden poles, and the beams which featured in the bar restaurant area. Last but not least were the exclusive four bedroom cottages with views of Lough Currane. Not a bad place to relax after a hard day of golf on the west coast of Ireland